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Welcome to FCA KIDS FARM website. We are a small hobby farm in North Ridgeville, Ohio. We raise goats, chickens, Californian rabbits and pigeons. Browse through our website and see the pictures and achievements. Check back occasionally to see what is for sale!!

We have many bloodlines that run in our herd including Haf-hidden Acres, Center-Valley, Spitifre, Hoanbu, Begley's Troubled Acres, Kastdemur's, Blissberry, and Harvest Hills to name a few.

Would like to thank these companies:

-Dorset-n-Daylillies for supplying us with our Dorset market lambs

-Coleman Club Lambs for supplying our black face lamb

-Avon Lake Animal Clinic for buying our 2016 Reserve Grand Champion Dairy Market Whether

-Avon Lake Animal Clinic for buying our 2018 Reserve Grand Champion Carcass Lamb

-Star Builders for buying our 2019 Reserve Champion/Champion BBR Dairy Market Goat


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